Smart Team


Rodger Bransgrove

Managing Director

Rodger's entreprenereal spirit combined with an engineering and property management background instigated the building management and digital broadcast format comprising Smart Display's foundation. His communications and operations experience are key to driving Smart Displays forward, with one eye on the future growth of service industry and community needs.

Tsung-Chun Tsai

Technical Director

With 10+ years in software engineering Tsung-Chun has the knowledge and expertise to ensure the Smart Display keeps ahead of the digital game. 'Chun' for short, achieved a master's degree with Honours in Computer and Information Science, alongside a master's in Philosophy. As is befitting of his IT crowd Chun does much of his best work behind the scenes - our highly skilled man of mystery!

Liam Downes

Creative Manager
Content & Sales

Meet Mr Creative! With 20+ years in digital, brand and product design Liam can turn any idea into reality. Liam heads up our creative team and has both created and maintained many of NZ's iconic brands, most recently Ch'i (the drink that knows it's own name) and Woodstock (the drink that has probably forgotten). He has implimented digital media and advertising across multiple city outlets and facilities inc Auckland airport F&B.